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Home Surge Protection

Power surges are sudden spikes in electrical voltage that can occur at any time and can cause significant damage to your home's electronics and appliances. These surges can be caused by lightning strikes, power grid fluctuations, and other factors, and they can lead to costly repairs and replacements.

Protecting your home from power surges is essential to avoid these costs and to keep your family safe. That's why we offer comprehensive home surge protection services to keep your home safe. Our surge protection systems are designed to protect your home's electrical system, appliances, and electronics from power surges, ensuring that they function safely and efficiently.

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Your Trusted NWA Home Surge Protection Contractors

At Epic Electric, we understand the importance of protecting your home from power surges. Our team of licensed electricians has years of experience in home surge protection, ensuring that we can handle any job, no matter how complex. We use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and protect your home's electrical system from power surges caused by lightning strikes, utility company equipment failures, and other electrical issues.

Benefits of Home Surge Protection

There are many benefits to installing home surge protection, including the following:

  • Protection of your home's electronics and appliances
  • Reduced risk of electrical fires
  • Increased lifespan of electrical equipment
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced downtime for businesses

Why Choose Epic Electric

At Epic Electric, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and quality workmanship. Our team of licensed electricians has extensive knowledge and experience in home surge protection services, ensuring that we can handle any job, no matter how complex. We prioritize communication with our clients, ensuring you are informed throughout the process. We take the time to listen to your concerns, answer any questions, and provide transparent pricing so that you can make informed decisions.


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If you're concerned about power surges in your home, schedule a free consultation with Epic Electric. Our team will assess your home's electrical system, identify potential issues, and provide you with a comprehensive plan for surge protection. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and experience peace of mind with a surge-protected home.

What People Have Been Saying

I'm very pleased with the work Shannon did in installing my porch ceiling fan. He was very courteous, and I was impressed with how quickly he put my fan together with quality service. He went out of his way for me to complete the job the next day on a Saturday morning.
Carol Cowan

Quality Service

We had a major electrical issue and they were amazing. Found the best financial option for us, kept our kiddos and home safe and were knowledgeable and efficient. I will definitely be keeping their number and can't recommend them enough!

Breanne Gilchrist

Keeping Their Number

Shannon was very professional when we met. He listen, diagnosed, and took care of the electrical issues we had. He took care of the issue very promptly and was affordable. All in all, highly recommend.
Henry Reyes

Highly Recommend

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